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По умолчанию CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 2024 v22.0.2313.0

CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 2024 v22.0.2313.0

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Size: 719 MB
Languages: Multilanguage, English, German..................
Compatibility: Windows 10, 11 [64-bits]

One of PowerDirector's most excellent new features is a multi-camera editing mode. It is a powerful system for creating video synchronizing, combining, and color-matching clips shot from various perspectives of the same scene. Once, studios would have only needed that, but now video blogging is becoming more sophisticated and often uses multiple cameras.

Chroma-critical masking has also been enhanced to allow you to select multiple color ranges for the mask in cases where the screen isn't perfect. Rather than creating a complete mess of a stack on a single project timeline, you can work on one piece of a project and then incorporate it into a parent project. Beyond those headline features, PowerDirector has quite a few other exciting upgrades, including integrated audio editing:
Features of CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate

Express Video Creation
Action Camera Center
Simplified Color Adjustment
One-click Color Correction
Intelligent Color Match
Color Grading Like the Pros
Customizable Design Tools
New Effects - Title Designer
Enhanced - PiP Designer
Enhanced - Theme Designer
New Brush Tool - Masks Designer
Enhanced - Subtitle Room
360 Video Stabilization
True360 View Designer



Nitroflare / Rapidgator


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cyberlink powerdirector

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