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По умолчанию Iperius Backup Full 8.2.4 Multilingual

Iperius Backup Full 8.2.4 Multilingual

File size: 102 MB

Iperius Backup is the perfect software to get the advantages of the many cloud storage services offered by well-known providers like Google or Microsoft. With a single application you will be able to easily save your files offsite to Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive. This backup task can be configured with a few clicks, and the result of this is the full security of automatic online backups, compressed and protected by an AES 256-bit encryption.

Iperius Backup uses the most advanced Windows drive imaging technology, that allows to copy the whole operating system with a fast and incremental backup (block-level backup). Iperius Backup can create full disk images, allowing to recover a server system in minutes (bare-metal restore). You can also restore individual files, mount the VHD image file, and restore the system to a dissimilar hardware (hardware independent restore).
Iperius Backup is an advanced and affordable tape backup software for Windows Server. Iperius is one of the best tape backup software: extremely easy and quick to setup, reliable, fast, and with flexible recovery features. Iperius Backup supports any tape drive, starting from the common HP DAT 72 USB or SCSI, to AIT, DLT and SDLT, and up to the powerful and high-capacity LTO 5 and LTO 6 devices, that allows to back up several terabytes.
Iperius Backup is an advanced software for FTP backup on any type of server or NAS. Iperius can send backups to a remote server with a few simple configurations, with the secure FTPS protocol and also with zip compression and AES 256 bit encryption. Iperius can perform automated upload of entire websites, limit the transfer bandwidth, make parallel transfers to multiple servers and help system administrators to build a centralized backup strategy for clients.
Iperius Backup can synchronize an unlimited number of files and folders from your computer to external hard drives or to network devices (like NAS servers). You can copy files and folders to an unlimited number of destinations and keep mirror copies deleting those files no more existing in the source folders. This allows to save space on your backup device and to always have a perfectly synchronized backup.


Download link

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По умолчанию MediaHuman YouTube Downloader (0709) Multilingual

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader (0709) Multilingual

Windows x64 | File size: 83.65 MB

There are so many interesting things to be found on YouTube, but you can't download the videos or save them as audio files by default. That's why we developed YouTube Video Downloader. This app will help you to accomplish video downloads quickly and without hangups. Using our program you can simply download an entire YouTube playlist or channel at once and watch it whenever and wherever you want.

The application has many other convenient and practical functions for you to explore and enjoy. Give it a try, download it now!
• Downloads several videos simultaneously
• Supports Ultra High resolutions including 4K & 8K (with audio)
• Downloads entire playlists and channels
• YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud and much more
• Extracts audio track and saves it as MP3
• Supports exporting to iTunes/Music.app
• Works on all modern platforms (macOS, Windows and Ubuntu)
Main Features
Playlists and channels
The program supports downloading of all videos of a playlist or a channel. And there's also an option to track the selected channel or playlist and download new clips as they are uploaded.
Add to iTunes
You can configure the program to automatically add downloaded movies to your iTunes library. You can also pick a playlist where the downloaded video should be added.
HQ, HD, 4K or 8K
The program supports all available resolutions, be that 720p, 1080p, 4K or 8K. The choice is up to you. Unlike online video downloaders, the app downloads any resoulution with audio.
Monitor the clipboard
The program keeps an eye on the clipboard and as soon as it spots a supported link there, it automatically adds this video into the download queue.
Quality of the original
You can choose to save videos in the original quality (usually in MP4 format), without any modifications. In this case, the clip you get is exactly the same as the one its author uploaded.
Simple tag editor
The app automatically detects the artist and the title of a video and saves them to the downloaded file. And you can easily change them later.
Not just YouTube
The program supports Twitch, Vevo.com, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, UOL, VKontakte, SoundCloud, TikTok and a lot of other sites. So you can download video from these websites as easy as you do from YouTube.
Drag & Drop
The app features a 100% drag&drop support. Just drag the link to a video with your mouse and drop it to the main window of the program, or to its dock icon on Mac.
Multi-language interface
The app is translated into: Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hebrew (Israel), Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.


Download link

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По умолчанию MediaHuman YouTube To MP3 Converter (0709) Multilingual

MediaHuman YouTube To MP3 Converter (0709) Multilingual

Windows x64 | File size: 80.09 MB

You like to listen to music on YouTube or SoundCloud and want to save it for offline playing. Or you want to download soundtrack of a new movie. Then we recommend you to try out this software developed specifically for this purpose.

• Downloads all music from playlist or channel
• Downloads highest available quality up to 320 kbps
• Supports YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, VEVO, etc.
• Downloads simultaneously several tracks
• Includes simple tag editor with cover art image support
• Works on all modern platforms (macOS, Windows, Ubuntu)
• Exports to iTunes
Main Features
Playlists and channels
The software supports downloading all videos of a playlist or a channel. And there is also an option for subscribing to and downloading only newly uploaded tracks.
iTunes support
In the preferences of the application you can select an option to add downloaded tracks into iTunes automatically. You can also specify iTunes playlist, where the converted track should be added.
Saves your time & traffic
The app detects audio track in YouTube video clip and downloads it, skipping the video part. As a result download speed increases dramatically, especially on HD-quality content.
Simple tag editor
Application automatically detects artist name and track title of the video and saves it in the downloaded file. But at the same time, you can easily change tags to whatever you want. You can even change a cover art image.
Original format, no conversions
You can save audio tracks in original quality without any conversion. It means that there will be no loss of quality and it greatly reduces the downloading time.
Free music
There is a great amount of music on YouTube. You can always find the one you like there. And YouTube to MP3 Converter allows you to save it on your computer for free. Just find the track you like and download it in the quality you need.
Not only YouTube
Vevo.com, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, HypeMachine, MixCloud, UOL and many other sites are also supported. So you can download music as easy as from YouTube.
Clipboard tracking
The program tracks the content of the system clipboard. It means that you can easily add a video clip without switching from your favorite browser. Just copy an URL into the clipboard and it will be added to the download queue.
Multilingual interface
Localized to: Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hebrew (Israel), Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese


Download link

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По умолчанию Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 8.0.7 Build 33814

Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 8.0.7 Build 33814

File Size : 107 Mb

Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime enables you to run existing Windows desktop applications. This release includes the .NET Runtime, you do not need to install it separately.

Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime redistributable package installs the .NET Desktop Runtime and associated files required to run many applications that use this programming language.

This is Microsoft's comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences, seamless and secure communication, and the ability to model various business processes.

The .NET Desktop Runtime also includes the .NET Runtime.

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По умолчанию Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.126

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.126

File Size : 137 Mb

The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool helps remove malicious software from your computers that are running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008.. Microsoft releases a new version of the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool every month. After you download the tool, the tool runs one time to check your computer for infection by specific prevalent malicious software (including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom) and helps remove any infection it finds.

This article contains information about how the tool differs from an antivirus product, how you can download and run the tool, and what happens when the tool finds malicious software on your computer. The advanced user section includes information for the IT administrator and additional information about how to manage and run the Malicious Software Removal Tool.
Note In compliance with the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy, the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) will no longer be offered to or supported on Windows 2000-based systems after July 13, 2010. This date coincides with the end of the Extended Support phase for Windows 2000. For more information about the Support Lifecycle policy, go to the Microsoft Support Lifecycle website.
How the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool differs from an antivirus product
The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool does not replace an antivirus product. It is strictly a post-infection removal tool. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you install and use an up-to-date antivirus product.
The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool differs from an antivirus product in three key ways
The tool removes malicious software from an already-infected computer. Antivirus products block malicious software from running on a computer. It is significantly more desirable to block malicious software from running on a computer than to remove it after infection.
The tool removes only specific prevalent malicious software. Specific prevalent malicious software is a small subset of all the malicious software that exists today.
The tool focuses on the detection and removal of active malicious software. Active malicious software is malicious software that is currently running on the computer. The tool cannot remove malicious software that is not running. However, an antivirus product can perform this task.
For more information about how to protect your computer, go to the Microsoft Safety & Security Center website.
Note The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool focuses on the detection and removal of malicious software such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses only. It does not remove spyware. However, you can use Microsoft Security Essentials to detect and remove spyware.
Click here to download Microsoft Security Essentials
You do not have to disable or remove your antivirus program when you install the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. However, if prevalent, malicious software has infected your computer, the antivirus program may detect this malicious software and may prevent the removal tool from removing it when the removal tool runs. In this case, you can use your antivirus program to remove the malicious software.
Because the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool does not contain a virus or a worm, the removal tool alone should not trigger your antivirus program. However, if malicious software infected the computer before you installed an up-to-date antivirus program, your antivirus program may not detect this malicious software until the tool tries to remove it.


Download link


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По умолчанию Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC v2108 Build 14332.20736 (x86/x64) Multilingual

Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC v2108 Build 14332.20736 (x86/x64) Multilingual

Languages: Arabic,English,German,Spanish,Greek,French,Italian ,Portuguese-Portuguese,Portuguese-Brazil,Turkish,Dutch | File Size: 4.04/4.10 GB

Office 365 ProPlus, the cloud-connected version of Office, delivers the most productive and most secure Office experience-with the lowest total cost of ownership for deployment and management. However, for customers who aren't ready for the cloud, Office 2019 provides new features and updates to the on-premises apps for both users and IT professionals. Like Windows Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) releases, Office 2019 provides a set of valuable enhancements for customers who can't be cloud-connected or receive regular updates.

The new enhancements in Office 2019 are a subset of a long list of features that have been added to Office 365 ProPlus over the last three years. Office 2019 is a one-time release and won't receive future feature updates. However, we'll continue to add new features to Office 365 ProPlus monthly, including innovations in collaboration, artificial intelligence (AI), security, and more. Office 2019 delivers features across apps to help users create amazing content in less time. In PowerPoint 2019, you can create cinematic presentations with new features like Morph and Zoom. And improved inking features across the apps in Windows-like the roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity, and tilt effects-allow you to naturally create documents.
Microsoft Office Volume 2021 Select Edition includes
Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus
Microsoft Access 2021
Microsoft Excel 2021
Microsoft Lync 2021
Microsoft OneNote 2021
Microsoft Outlook 2021
Microsoft PowerPoint 2021
Microsoft Publisher 2021
Microsoft Visio Viewer 2021
Microsoft Word 2021
Microsoft Visio pro 2021
Microsoft Project 2021
Skype for business 2021
OneDrive for Business 2021
Office Shared Features
Profing Tools Only 2021
And many more
System Requirements
OS:Windows 10/11.


Download link





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По умолчанию Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 VL v2406 Build 17726.20160 (x64) Multilin...

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 VL v2406 Build 17726.20160 (x64) Multilingual

Languages:Arabic,English,German,Spanish,Greek,Fren ch,Italian,Portuguese-Portuguese,Portuguese-Brazil,Turkish,Dutch | File Size: 5.76 GB

Microsoft has officially announced the availability of the final version of its Office 2021 release for Windows and Mac users. Following the release of the preview version in the first half of this year, the product has been refined and is now available to users. Office 2021 includes updated versions of apps from the suite, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher.

Microsoft Office 2016-2019-2021 includes
- Microsoft Office Mondo 2016
- Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
- Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019
- Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021
- Microsoft Office Professional 2016
- Microsoft Office Professional 2019
- Microsoft Office Professional 2021
- Microsoft Office Professional Premium
- Microsoft Office Standard 2016
- Microsoft Office Standard 2019
- Microsoft Office Standard 2021
- Microsoft Project Professional 2016
- Microsoft Project Professional 2019
- Microsoft Project Professional 2021
- Microsoft Project Standard 2016
- Microsoft Project Standard 2019
- Microsoft Project Standard 2021
- Microsoft Visio Professional 2016
- Microsoft Visio Professional 2019
- Microsoft Visio Professional 2021
- Microsoft Visio Standard 2016
- Microsoft Visio Standard 2019
- Microsoft Visio Standard 2021
- Microsoft Office Home Business 2016
- Microsoft Office Home Business 2019
- Microsoft Office Home Business 2021
- Microsoft Office Home Business Premium
- Microsoft Office Home Student 2016
- Microsoft Office Home Student 2019
- Microsoft Office Home Student 2021
- Microsoft Office 365 (Home Premium)
- Microsoft Office 365 (Education Cloud)
- Microsoft Office 365 Apps for Business
- Microsoft Office 365 Apps for Enterprise
- Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium
Office 2021 includes virtually every change that has been added to the suite of programs in Office 365 over the past 3 years, although some features remain exclusive to subscribers. In addition to the main programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, which are available for both Windows and macOS, the Access and Publisher versions are only available for Windows and are included, as usual, only in premiums. Visio and Project for Windows are also available, although they are not part of the ongoing release of Office.
System requirements
- Dual-core processor, 1.6 GHz or faster
- 2.0 GHz + for Skype for Business
- 4 GB of RAM for 64-bit; 2 GB of RAM for 32-bit systems
- 4.0 GB of free disk space
- Screen resolution 1280 x 768 or higher
- Windows 10, Windows Server 2019
- Requires DirectX 9 or higher, with WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10
- Internet access is not required. Activation - Internet-based or telephone-based, and KMS or MAK for enterprises.
What's new in Office 2021
- Excel icon got bigger
- Precision cell selection
- Key PivotTable Improvements: Personalization, Automatic Relationship Detection, Time Grouping, Increase and Decrease Buttons, Field List Search, Smart Rename, Multi-Screen Slicer, Faster OLAP Pivot Tables, Create, Filter by Timelines
- New Data Analysis Capabilities
- New types of charts, 2D maps
- New formulas, Excel functions
- CSV (UTF-8) support
- Improved access to the latest files and folders and book version history
- Data Protection (DLP) in Excel
- Publish to Power BI
- PowerPivot Enhancements
- Get & Transform (PowerQuery) improvements
- Insert SVG, icons and convert them to shapes, insert 3D models
- Improved handwriting support
- Large Powerpoint Icon
- Morph transition
- Zoom effect to jump to specific slides, sections and parts of your presentations
- Scalable ink enhancement: Record digital colorful gestures, pens, markers and pencils, effects, layer eraser, ruler to draw straight lines at any angle, slide show control with gestures.
- Insert and manage icons, SVG and 3D models, convert SVG icons to shapes
- Improved drawing and free-form markings
- Export 4K video
- Large Outlook icon
- Automatic download of OneDrive attachments
- Ability to see answers
- Focusing incoming
- Voice dictation and reading aloud
- Add multiple time zones to your calendar
- Mark emails as read when deleted
- Pop-up reminders
- Trip and delivery summary maps, updated contact cards.
- Improved availability check
- Office 365 support (with Exchange online account)
- Access icon got bigger
- 11 new charts to make it easier to understand the data stored in access forms and reports
- Bigint support
- Return the dBASE format of an import, link or export
- Sorting property sheet for forms and reports
- Shortcut Name property for controls
- Improved ODBC Reconnect Logic
- Keyboard shortcut for editing list item values ​​(Ctrl + E)
- Accessibility improvements
Office 2021 will not has
- An editor and explorer of functions in Word.
- Tap in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
- PowerPoint Designer
- Ideas and data types in Excel.
- Sharing in real time in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
- Encrypting Office 365 Messages.
- Advanced Threat Protection in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive for Business
- Protection of corporate enterprises.
- Sensitive label support in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
- Shared Computer Licensing
- FastTrack parameters
- Integration with Microsoft Intune



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По умолчанию Windows 10 - Cumulative Update - July 2024 - Build 19044.4651 / 19045.4651

Windows 10 - Cumulative Update - July 2024 - Build 19044.4651 / 19045.4651

File Size: 369.2 / 655.1 MiB | Languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Português, Français, ...
Cumulative updates are Windows updates that include improvements to enhance the functionality of the applications/programs on Windows operating system. This Windows update utility is used to keep your Windows-based computer up-to-date with the latest patches.
For Windows 10 Version 21H2 and 22H2

Release Notes
Changes in19044.4651 / 19045.4651: some improvements.


Download link

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По умолчанию Windows 11 24H2 Build 26100.1000 Ultimate + Office 2021 LTSC (No TPM 2.0) July 2024

Windows 11 24H2 Build 26100.1000 Ultimate + Office 2021 LTSC (No TPM 2.0) July 2024

English US | File Size: 10.6 GB

This is the latest version of Windows OS releases, with new interface and other new features like new Microsoft Store, a new personalized feed powered by AI and best-in-class browser performance from Microsoft Edge, Chat from Microsoft Teams integrated in the taskbar and many more!

General Info
Version/Build: 26100.1000 24H2
Architecture: x64 (64 Bit)
Size: 10.6 GB
Language: En_US
Author: Morphs
Compression: Esd
Size of install Esd: 3.3 GB
Size of boot Wim: 547 MB
Installs: 6.86 GB
Installed Size: 35 GB
Assembly features
Integrated .Net Framework 3.5 (including 2.0).
*** MS Store IS working***
*** Win updates are working***
MS account NOT needed, no password to sign on, only a fresh install supported.
- There's a backup folder on the desktop which includes modded and unmodded files for basebrd and theme .dll's. Just run the associated .cmd version you want to restore or to re mod, specially after the an update has reset the dll files.
- You can also run UltraUXThemePatcher for the theme dll's,
if you prefer which is available in 'Start Menu\Programs\Morph's Apps'
or 'Desktop\Morph's_Desktop_Apps\Optional'.
- You will need to activate seperately, there's various tools available
in 'Desktop\Morph's_Desktop_Apps\Activation' folder.
- All Apps updated to 6 July 2024.
- Startisback gives an error but just click 'enable' and once rebooted and all is good.
4DDiG DLL Fixer Portable
*4K Video Downloader Portable
7+ Taskbar Tweaker 5.15.1 Portable
7tsp GUI v0.6(2019) Portable
7-Zip 24.07 Portable
Abelssoft PC Fresh 2024 10.01.54545 Portable
Abelssoft Win11PrivacyFix 2025 4.0.54970 Portable
Advanced Renamer 3.95.4 Portable
*AIDA64 Extreme Edition 7.30.6914 Portable
AllDup 4.5.60 Portable
*Antivirus Removal Tool 2024.07 Portable
AnyBurn Pro 6.0 Portable
AnyToISO Pro Portable
*AOMEI Backupper 7.3.5 Portable
AOMEI MyRecover 3.6.1 Tech Portable
*AOMEI Partition Assistant Tech 10.4.1 Portable
Ascomp Cleaning Suite 4.013 Portable
*Autorun Organizer 5.41 Portable
Autoruns 14.11 Portable
*Avast Ransomware Decryption Tools Portable
Care U Eyes Portable
*CCleaner 6.25.11131 Portable
CCleaner winapp2ool Portable
ChrisPC Free VPN Connection 4.10.26 Portable
ChrisPC Proxy Pro 9.23.1005 Portable
ChrisPC RAM Booster 7.24.0115 Portable
Classic Volume Control Portable
CloseAll 5.9 Portable
Complete Internet Repair Portable
CPUID HWMonitor Pro 1.53 Portable
CpuTemp Portable
CPU-Z 2.09 Portable
Crystal Disk Info 9.3.2 Portable
CrystalDisk Info 1.0.5 Portable
CrystalDisk Mark 1.0.5 Portable
CrystalDisk Mark Retro 1.0.5 Portable
DAMN NFO Viewer 2.10 Portable
DDU Portable
Defender Control 2.1 Portable
Defender Remover 12.8.0 Portable
Defender Tools 1.15.b08 Portable
*Defraggler 2.22.995 Portable
DesktopOK 11.24 Portable
Directory List Print 4.31 Portable
Dns Angel 1.7 Portable
DoNotSpy 11 v1.2.0.0 Portable
Drive Letter Changer 1.4 Portable
Drive SnapShot Portable
Driver Magician 5.9.0 Portable
Driver Updater 7.1.1130 Portable
DriverMax Pro Portable
Duplicate Audio Finder Portable
Duplicate File Detective 7.2.74 Portable
Duplicate FileFinder 2024.01 Portable
Duplicate Files Search & Link 10.5.0 Portable
DVDDrive Repair Portable
Easy Context Menu 1.6 Portable
Edge Block 2.0 Portable
Edge Remover 1.4 Portable
ESET Online Scanner Portable
Everything Portable
*ExamDiff Pro Portable
ExplorerPatcher 22621.3527.65.5
EzPing 2.1 Portable
FanControl 194 Portable
FastStone Capture 10.5 Portable
File Menu Tools Portable
File Renamer 24.3.4 Portable
Firefox 127.0.2 Portable
Floorp Browser 11.13.2 Portable
Folder2ISO 1.1 Portable
Folder2List 3.28.5 Portable
*FolderSizes 9.6.490 Portable
GameSave Manager 3.1.551.0 Portable
GClean 2024 v224.01.50964 Portable
Geek Uninstaller 1.5.2 Build 165 Portable
GetDataBack Pro 5.70 Portable
Glary Disk Cleaner Portable
Glary Utilities Portable
*GoogleChrome 126.0.6478.127 Portable
GPU-Z 2.59.0 Portable
GPU-Z_ASUS_ROG_2.59.0 Portable
*HDCleaner 2.075 Portable
Hibernate Enable-Disable 1.5 Portable
HiBit Startup Manager 2.6.40 Portable
HiBit Uninstaller 3.2.20 Portable
Hide From Uninstall List 1.1 Portable
HijackThis 1.99.1 Portable
Hosts File Editor+ 1.5.14 Portable
*HWiNFO 8.05.5485 Portable
Image Explorer Portable
*Image Uploader Portable
ImgBurn Portable
InternetTest Pro Portable
IObit Smart Defrag Pro Portable
IObit Uninstaller Portable
IsMyHdOK 3.93 Portable
IsMyLcdOK 5.61 Portable
Jim's Toolbox 5.4 Portable
KeePass Password Safe 2.57 Portable
Light Image Resizer 6.2.0 Portable
Macrorit Disk Scanner 6.7.3 Portable
Malware Effects Remediation Tool 5.0 Portable
Manage Wireless Networks 1.14 Portable
*McAfeeStinger Portable
MetaProducts Offline Explorer Portable
*MiniTool Power Data Recovery 12.0 Portable
*MPC-BE x64 Portable
*MPC-HC 2.3.2 Portable
*MPC-HC 2.3.2 x64 Portable
NetTraffic 1.71.0 Portable
Network Profile Name Changer v1.4 Portable
Network Scanner 8.2.0 Portable
NewFileTime 7.21 Portable
NIUBI Partition Editor 9.9.5 Portable
Notepad++ 8.6.8 Portable
NTLite v2023.12.9552
Office Installer Plus 1.15 Portable
Office Uninstall 2.0 Portable
OldNewExplorerCfg 1.1.9
OO AppBuster 1.3.1343 Portable
OO Defrag 28.2.10018 Portable
OO ShutUp10 1.9.1438 Portable
*Opera One 111.0.5168.55 Portable
*Optimizer 16.6 Portable
Optimizer_data folder cleaner
PC Cleaner Portable
PC Cleaning Utility Pro 3.8.4 Portable
*Permissions Reporter 4.2.542.0 Portable
Photo Pos Pro 4.06.37 Portable
*Photo Supreme 2024.2.0.6529 Portable
PowerISO 8.8 Portable
Privacy Eraser Portable
PrivaZer 4.0.88 Portable
Process Explorer 17.06 Portable
Process Monitor 4.01 Portable
Product Key Recovery Tool 2.0.1 Portable
*Psiphon 3.183 Portable
PuzzleCollection 2024.03.01 Portable
Quick Any2Ico 3.4.4 Portable
QuickText Paste 8.74 Portable
*RAM Saver Pro 24.7 Portable
Recuva Tech 1.53.2096 Portable
ReNamer 7.5 Portable
*RepairKit 1.1.1 Portable
Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.3.0 Portable
Rufus 4.5 Portable
Run-Command 6.11 Portable
*R-WipeClean 20.0.2464 Portable
S.O.S Security Suite Portable
ScanMyReg 4.2 Portable
ScreenHunter Pro 7.0.1461 Portable
*Shortcuts Search And Replace 2.2 Portable
Skip UAC 1.2 Portable
Smart Driver Manager 7.1.1205 Portable
Smart PC Optimizer Pro Portable
Smart PC Pro Portable
*Smart System Menu 2.27.0 Portable
Smarty Uninstaller 4.83.0 Portable
Speccy 1.33.079 Portable
Speedtest by Ookla Portable
Spotify Portable
*SSD Booster .NET 17.8 Portable
SSD Fresh Plus 2024 13.01.53859 Portable
StopUpdates10 4.6.2024.0403 Portable
Store Apps Tool 1.1 Portable
Syncovery Premium Portable
Sysinternals Suite 20.06.2024 Portable
SystemNinja 4.0.1 Portable
SystemUtilities 1.1.1 Portable
Task Explorer 1.5.3 Portable
Task Manager DeLuxe Portable
TeamViewer 15.55.3 Portable
*Telegram 5.2.2 Portable
Temp Cleaner 1.3 Portable
Total Uninstall 7.6.1 Portable
*Total Uninstaller 2024 Portable
TotalCMD 11.03 Portable
TreeSize Portable
TweakNow WinSecret Plus 5.5.2 Portable
*TweakPower 2.055 Portable
Tweak-SSD v2
Ultra Adware Killer Portable
UltraISO Portable
UltraSearch Portable
Uninstall View 1.51 Portable
Uninstalr 2.5 Portable
USB Device Tree Viewer Portable
USB Repair Portable
USB Safely Remove Portable
Vit Registry Fix Pro 14.9.3 Portable
Vivaldi 6.8.3381.46 Portable
VLC 3.0.21 Portable
Volume2 Portable
W10 Privacy Portable
WebBrowserPass View 2.12 Portable
Why Cant I Connect 1.12.4 Portable
WiFi Guard 2.2.2 Portable
Wifi InfoView 2.93 Portable
WiFi Scanner 22.11 Portable
Win 10 All Settings Portable
Win 10 Tweaker 20.2 Portable
Win 11 Tweaker 1.0.0 Portable
WinAero Tweaker 1.62.0 Portable
Winamp 99.11.18916 Portable
WinClean 1.3.1 Portable
Windows 11 Classic Context Menu 1.2 Portable
Windows App Remover Portable
Windows Firewall Control Portable
*Windows Manager 2.0.2 Portable
Windows Memory Cleaner 2.8 Portable
*Windows Repair Toolbox Portable
Windows Services Manager 1.0 Portable
Windows Update Blocker 1.8 Portable
Windows Update MiniTool 22.04.2022 Portable
Windows Update Reset Tool Portable
WinSetView 2.96 Portable
WinSlap 1.8 Portable
WinTools.net Premium 24.5.1 Portable
WinUtilities 15.89 Portable
Wireless Password Recovery Pro Portable
*Wise Care 365 Pro Portable
WizTree 4.19 Portable
*XD-AntiSpy v4.0.4c Portable
XtraTools Pro 24.5.1 Portable
*XYplorer 26.20.0100 Portable
ZInfo cpuzPortable
ZInfo gpuzPortable
ZInfo pcizPortable
ZInfo ssdzPortable
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