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По умолчанию Mastercam X8 v17.0.15029.10 FOR SolidWorks (2010-2015)(x64)

Mastercam X8 v17.0.15029.10 for SolidWorks (2010-2015)(x64)

Mastercam X8 v17.0.15029.10 for SolidWorks (2010-2015)(x64) | 878 MB

Efficient automated 2D processing.
To perform 2D machining Mastercam for SolidWorks has a powerful functional design Automatic processing based on the geometry feature recognition (Feature Based Machining - FBM).

Analyzing the item on the presence of specific elements of the geometry (surface, size, location of the holes, etc.), the function of FBM automatically creates an effective strategy for treatment of the recognized elements.
Among the main functions include the following:
* Trimming in the event of an allowance above the surface of the part.
* Processing of open, nested, and through pockets.
* Trajectories roughing and post-treatment for each pocket.
* Recognition of the holes and the establishment of operations centering, drilling, deployment, chamfering and threading according to specified criteria.
Roughing and finishing 3D processing, including wrap-.
The main sample effectively removes the bulk of the allowance.
High Speed ??Machining (GUS) technology provides the fastest processing and excellent surface quality products. Mastercam for SolidWorks includes a set of fully associative trajectories of high-speed processing, allowing the most out of your CNC equipment.
* Strategy "Basic sample" and "clean the area" effectively remove the bulk of the allowance through the use of paths, set to "stripping" or blank "vygryzanie" material from the cavities.
* Strategy "post-treatment" gently removes allowance remaining after previous roughing.
* Using the 3D constant pitch between the aisles, finishing "a comb" strategy generates the same surface quality (roughness) on the sloped and flat povehnosti details.
* Fine strategy "horizontal field" quickly processes flat horizontal surface of the part.
* "Spiral", "Radial" and "raster" processing strategies provide ample opportunity for the machining of various types.
* "Pencil" strategy creates the tool moves along the lines of intersection of the edges of a rigid body with a view to processing areas inaccessible parts.
Reliable verification of trajectories
Verification of processing rigid body with simulated material removal allows you to check the trajectory to their actual working out of the machine.
Mastercam gives you the confidence that your equipment can do the processing of any level of complexity. With the help of tools available in Mastercam test trajectories, you can easily make sure that the path and movement created exactly as you wanted it.
* Available to view and detail measurement in the verification process of processing a solid part of a solid billet. During the simulation, the processing tool and chuck are displayed and checked on desperately. video
* There is a possibility of tracing the trajectory with the tool "Backplot" and receiving processing cycles. Live Preview is available all the necessary information about the instrument and the operation at any point of the trajectory, as well as the scaling of individual regions for a more detailed view.
* Fast verification of 2D trajectories with a portrayal of the tool to check the final result finishing operations.
Effective tools for creating control programs and control trajectories toolpath - it's just a part of which result in a well-managed program. General management of the trajectories, as well as the settings of the machine and the control system to optimize each operation as much as possible.
* Full control of all aspects of the supply and removal tool.
* Security zones help ensure safe movement of retraction when working with any type of trajectories.
* A significant reduction in the size of the program by using the filter path.
* The use of all types of tools: ball, disc, conical, etc.
* User-customizable library of tools and materials automatically calculate the amount of feed and spindle speed.
* Manager of the operations of all trajectories stores your projects in one place. Quickly create, edit, and verification of trajectories or copy and paste settings from one operation to another. Using equipment groups to organize and simplify the copy / paste paths and information about the instrument from one group to another machine tool.
Year / Release Date: 2014
Version: X8 Build 17.0.15029.10
Developer: CNC Software, Inc
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD)
System Requirements: Preset SolidWorks 2010-2015 under Win7 / Win8. Win 32-bit, Win XP / Vista 64-bit is NOT supported !!
* Processor: 1.5 GHz (minimum) 32-bit Intel-compatible processor; supports the 64-bit Intel-compatible processors.





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По умолчанию Mastercam

Deseo obtener Mastercam for SolidWorks x8
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