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По умолчанию Origin Sound - Smooth FM - Classic Hip Hop Radio (MIDI, WAV)

Origin Sound - Smooth FM - Classic Hip Hop Radio (MIDI, WAV) | 565 MB

Take a drive with Origin Sound, sit back, relax, and tune into Smooth FM, our sexiest pack to date, boasting a serene library of lush chord progressions, emotive melody loops, numerous musical stacks, and much more.

Smooth FM presents a plethora of drum loops to choose from, whether you want to chuck in a full beat to quickly get your project moving, or get creative with interchanging the stems on offer, or even take it one step further and meticulously craft your own unique beat from the 140 individual one shots, this library has got you covered.
As is starting to become commonplace in Origin Sound packs, Smooth Fm boasts a serious arsenal of melodic stacks as well as selection of bass, melody, and chord stems with accompanying MIDI. You will find inspiration at every turn, whether that be from one of the funky electric bass lines laying down the foundation of your track, or writing around one the cascading melody stacks, your next beat is itching to be generated with the help of these tools.
Not to be overlooked is the generous selection of SFX provided in Smooth FM, you'll uncover numerous authentic radio timbres such as hissy static and station tuning, right the way through Hip Hop vinyl scratches and vocal cuts, perfect for adding that final level of detail to your track.
Whether you are seeking a full melody stack to spark that inspiration, or meticulously piece together your song with the wealth of one shots provided, Smooth FM will unlock the creativity within you.

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Download Origin Sound - Smooth FM - Classic Hip Hop Radio (MIDI, WAV) from here:

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