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По умолчанию GO2cam v6.05.206 (x64)

GO2cam v6.05.206 (x64)

GO2cam v6.05.206 (x64) | 959 MB

Software GO2cam-CAM for the formation of control programs: milling, turning, electroerosion processing

GO2cam is designed specifically for machining and is compatible with all major CAD systems. GO2cam was designed to reduce programming in such a way as to improve the efficiency of machining.
GO2cam has an intuitive user interface that allows the use of software by workers in the workplace who are not necessarily experts in self-learning: a simplified and ergonomic user interface for intuitive use.
The software offers tremendous time savings and ease of use. Numerous experts took part in the development of the solution to find a way to work simply.
� Parametric functional
� Frame geometry, Solid modeling and creation of plans.
� Powerful tolerance module 2D and Solid
� Standard form and hole tolerances
� Topology modification
� Update processing in the event of changes
� Ability to read tolerances from a solid model
Standard Cycles:
� Pocket (including pre-processing and BSS functions)
� Contour (and pre-processing), grooves, chamfers, thread milling
� Holes (Cycles from point to point)
� Interpolation
� Plunger milling (pocket and contour)
Milling by solid body
Easy and fast processing on a firm body
choice of direction on a solid,
� Workpiece management,
� Control undercuts,
� Recognition of the bottom, radii and so on.
Automatic 3D milling:
� Draft cycles,
� Additional processing,
� Finishing cycles,
� With a parametric cycle
� Shaft creation: associative and parametric 2D.
� Special construction of CAD for turning and turning-milling technology, creation of working processing plans
� Rough and Finer
� 5 grooving cycles
� Thread cutting
� Drilling
� Cutting, Auxiliary operations
� Management of after-treatment
� Milling operations with the C axis
� Milling cycles for the C axis and Turning milling.
Realistic simulation: the base of the machine, turret, holders, components (lunettes and so on.)
� Control of two spindles and two turrets
� B-axis and Y-axis
� (possibility to use during postprocessor development)
� Synchronization, charts
Electroerosive processing:
� Frame geometry, Body, Special CAD for EDM technology
� Automatic point creation
� Definition of tilt: constant, gradual, immediate
� Create geometry in accordance with cones for 4 axes of machining
� Dynamic synchronization points adjustment
� Automatic adjustment of synchronization points on a solid
Wire-cutting EDM
� Straight cutting
� Inclined cutting
� Without a database
� 4 Axis
� Multi-pass. Night / day strategy
� Reverse cutting, Partial cutting, pruning and others.
Completely Verified EDM Postprocessors
AGIE: Classic, Evolution, AgieCUT / New: Cut20
CHARMILLES: Robofil (CMD), CTMill / New: X050
CT-Expert and Orange from AgieCharmilles
- Automatic selection of cutting technology for Robofil Wire cut EDM machines from AgieCharmilles Company.
- Communication with GO2cam Cutting Modes.
- In GO2cam, automatic creation of strategies with a predefined number of passes and technology settings (offset, installation, etc.)
- Option EDM module

Year / Release Date: 2018
Version: 6.05.206
Developer: GO2cam International
Developer's site:
[Ссылки доступны только зарегистрированным пользователям . Регистрируйся тут...]

Bit depth: 64bit
Language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
Tabletka: present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System requirements: Windows 64-bit



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